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Biographical Information

I have very little biographical information.  If anyone can help me with some more or corrections for what I have, please e-mail me. Thanks so much to Jocelyn for contributing the NEW information (highlighted in red)! 

*Ben Cross was born on December 16, 1947 in Paddington, London, England.

*He is 5' 11"

*His actual name is Bernard Cross.

*He is from a poor family, he has two sisters, and his father died when he was 8 years old.

*He was married.  His wife's name was Penelope Butler (a former model).  It is unknown how long they were married, but they separated in 1993.  

*He has two children, Theodore and Lauren.

*He attended a Catholic school, where he played Jesus in a pagent when he was 12. He quit school when he was 15 and worked at several jobs including several that different theatres.

*Later he addended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and eventually graduated.

*He now lives in Los Angeles, California.  Prior to this, he lived in Spain for two years.

*He enjoys writing plays and playing the piano.

*According to his costars from various movies, he has a witty sense of humor. 

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