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Ben's Barnabas Ring
(from Dark Shadows)


I noticed that the filmography that I peviously had on this site was really out of order and was missing many movies, so I have tried to redo it and make it more accurate:

Year Move/TV Show Title Character Name Other Info.
1974 Great Expectation "Gentleman at the ball" made for TV
1977 A Bridge Too Far "Trooper Binns"
1977 The Professionals "Stuart" in the episode, "Black Out"
1980 The Flame Trees of Thika "Ian" TV mini-series
1981 Chariots of Fire "Harold Abrahams"
1982 Coming Out of the Ice ??? made for TV
1984 The Lie ??? a.k.a. L'Attenzione
1984 The Far Pavilions "Ash" a.k.a. Blade of Steel;  TV mini-series
1985 The Assisi Underground "Padre Rufino"
1985 The Ray Bradbury Theatre ??? in the episode, "The Concrete Mixer" 
1985 The Twilight Zone "Frederick" in the episode "Devil's Alphabet"
1986 Strong Medicine "Martin" made for TV
1988 The Unholy "Father Michael"
1988 Steal The Sky "Munir Redfa" made for TV
1988 The Jewelers Shop "Stephane" a.k.a. La Bottega dell'orefice
1989 Nightlife "Vlad" made for TV
1989 Eye of the Widow ???
1989 Twist of Fate "Ben Grossman" made for TV
1989 Paperhouse "Dad"
1989 Tales from the Crypt ??? in the episode, "Seance"
1991 Dark Shadows "Barnabas Collins" TV series
1991 She Stood Alone "William Lloyd Garrison" made for TV
1992 The Diamond Fleece "Rick Dunne/Alex Breuer" made for TV
1992 Live Wire "Mikhail Rashid"
1993 Mile, dolce amore "Pearson"
1993 Cold Sweat "Mark Cahill"
1993 Deep Trouble "Armand Campagna" a.k.a.  Les Audacieux 
1994 Honey Sweet Love "Sir Harold Pearson"
1994 Temptress "Dr. Samudaya" a.k.a. Dark Goddess
1994 The Acent "Maj. David Farrell"
1995 The House that Mary Bought ??? made for TV
1995 Bloodsong "Marius Carnot" a.k.a. Haunted Symphony; Hellfire
1995 First Knight "Prince Malagant"
1996 The Corperate Ladder "Jay Williams"
1996 Robert Rylands Last Journey "Cromer"
1996 The Criminal Mind "Carlo Augustine"
1996 Poltergeist: The Legacy "Samuel Warden" in the episode, "The Substitute"
1997 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Captian Nemo made for TV (Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation)
1997 Turbulence "Capt. Sam Bowen"
1997 The Invader "Renn"

Anything to add/change? E-mail me.

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